Congress is working to protect patients from getting surprise medical bills. But, if it’s not done right, your access to care could be in jeopardy. Health insurers will be the big winners – leaving patients like you out in the cold.

Out of the middle but into more trouble?

If insurers have their way, patients will have fewer choices, less quality and health care could become more expensive when you need it most.


Speak out now to ensure Congress takes patients out of the middle without letting insurance companies dodge their responsibility to cover your care.

You shouldn't have to choose between life and debt.

The purpose of health insurance is to help pay for your medical care, yet health insurance continues to cost more but cover less. Your top priority should be your health, not worrying whether your insurance is adequate and there when you need it.

What's the point of having health insurance if it doesn't cover you when you need it most?

You shouldn’t be punished financially for seeking health care when you need it. Too many patients are receiving surprise bills for costs they thought would be covered by their insurance. Don’t let your insurance company escape its responsibility.

Congress needs to protect patients and their families when their insurance coverage falls short.

Even the most diligent patients can receive unexpectedly high bills for out-of-network care because insurance networks are confusing and hard to navigate.

Your insurance company doesn’t provide care for you, but your physician does. Solutions to surprise billing must ensure that the doctors you need to see are available when and where you need them.

Physicians across the country are asking Congress to protect patients from surprise bills:

[Patients] deserve a system in which [they] get accurate, up-to-date information about the network status of their doctors, and about what they will have to pay for medical care. We deserve to be safe from huge financial liability, when we do end up getting surprised by out-of-network bills.
Says Claudia Knafo, who was left with a $97,000 bill after insurance refused to cover her necessary surgery.

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